Giants raking it in as defending world champs

Spring training, schmring training. When demand is up, it doesn’t matter if the games count or not.

That’s the sentiment behind the San Francisco Giants’ new pricing structure for spring training ticket – in incredible demand after the team’s first World Series win in more than a half-century and its first for the City By the Bay.

From the Arizona Repiblic:

“Pricing for the outfield grass berms - the coach seats of the Cactus League - has increased at Scottsdale Stadium from the league-standard $8 to as much as $26, including a $3.50 handling fee. That is more than the per-game price of $25 for a season-ticket holder's box seat for the Giants' spring games.”

Meanwhile, forget about getting tickets to Opening Day at AT&T Park the traditional way this year. If you want them, you either have to become at least a partial season ticket holder or register in a sweepstakes to win tickets.


As a lifelong fan, it’s incredibly fulfilling to see this level of excitement for a team that has had a small but loyal fan base for decades. And while some may grip about price gouging and the team taking advantage of its popularity – that’s business. The money surge now will pay for keeping big batters like Aubrey Huff now and high-end players later.

The Giants can have my money. In my mind, last year made everything worth it.