The NFL lockout unfolds on Twitter

Finally -- a decent reason to follow Twitter. No where on Friday has news been more aflurry on the lockout than n the social network for people with 140-character attention spans.

We're still in the middle of it now so I'll update this later but I've taken the liberty of compiling the story as it has unfolded on Twitter:

AdamSchefter 5:02pm via ÜberSocial

RT @AndrewSiciliano: Mort reporting NFLPA decertifies in federal court in Minneapolis

RayRice27 5:04pm via Echofon

Looks like we are about to get locked out

MikeSilver 5:04pm via Web

NFLPA just applied for decertification. Antitrust lawsuit in Minnesota likely to follow. Fasten your seat belts

ProStarSports 5:08pm via Web

Now the field shifts to Fed Ct where #NFL financials will almost certainly be discoverable and part of the public record, unless JDD seals

LeRonMcClain33 5:08pm via Echofon Man

I think it's about to Be a lockout....Smh and we are the ones playing the game every Sunday,blood, sweat and tears for our fans and tears

nytimes 5:10pm via The New York Times

NYT NEWS ALERT: After N.F.L. Talks Fail, Union Decides to Decertify

LATimesfarmer 5:10pm via Web

NFL reporters and fans about to learn more about federal courts than we ever wanted to know

ProStarSports 5:10pm via Web

Remember folks, #NFLPA #Decertification is to PREVENT a lockout; football can continue to be played, only NFLPA not technically a union

drewbrees 5:11pm via Twitter for Android

Not once have the players asked for more money during this negotiation. That is a FACT. I don't expect anyone to feel sorry for us

NFLPA 5:11pm Via Web

NFL Players Association Renounces Union Status. Statement here:

drewbrees 5:13pm via Twitter for Android

Past players sacrificed a great deal to give us what we have now in the NFL, and we will not lay down for a second to give that up

JasonLaCanfora 5:15pm via Twitter for BlackBerry

Judge Doty will be considering an injunction to prevent any potential lockout, as part of the Brees, Brady, Manning case vs. NFL which ... Will be aimed at challenging the league's anti-trust status. Likely looking at multiple court cases ahead

drewbrees 5:15pm via Twitter for Android

We have a responsibility and at some point you just have to stand up for what is right

JasonLaCanfora 5:20pm via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Mediator George Cohen says sides made some progress over 17 sessions but could not resolve "strongly held" differences on core issues

LATimesfarmer 5:24pm via Web

Until this all gets sorted out in the courts -- and that could take years -- I don't see anyone relocating to Los Angeles or building venue.

RavensInsider 5:22pm via Web

Litigation process could take a while due to appeals process to unfold after Judge David Doty's court, a friendly place for the players