New series for Farmer's Field: Displaced Sports Fans Woes

Props goes to my Dad for bringing up this topic -- why the heck would anyone move from beautiful California to the cold and unforgiving East Coast??? In my defense 1) I didn't realize how blessed I was growing up in the mild San Francisco Bay Area climate until I spent my first summer and winter out in Maryland, and 2) hey -- you go where the job offers are, right?

No, friends, that is NOT a Washington Redskins jersey.While there are certainly oodles of people that are now building their lives in a place they didn't grow up, my situation is particularly annoying. Here's why: not only do I get a nice dose of intolerable (to me) weather every summer and winter (mostly winter), but I moved across that magical line somewhere east of the Rocky Mountains but west of the Mississippi River where coverage of West Coast teams (and at times, the general population's awareness of them in general) gets lost in the maelstrom of the East Coast bias.

We all know why Boston and Chicago teams have such a great following -- because most people from those cold weather death traps get the heck out of those cities and move to more suitable climates. Like, say, the Mid-Atlantic. (Note, the nickname of Baltimore's Camden Yards -- "Fenway South" -- and the fact that the best-attended seriesfor the woeful Washington Nationals this year was when the Cubbies were in town.

But why would anyone move from San Francisco to D.C.? (See paragraph one.) I can probably count on one hand the number or Giants or Niners jerseys I've seen on the streets out here in the past year.

So, that being said, I feel a little bit like a lone wolf when it comes to staying connected with my sports teams. Over the next few weeks (and then as the situations occur) I will be adding to my sports business blogs, posts about the problems I encounter (and hopefully a few triumphs) being a San Francisco sports fan out on the East Coast.

Suggestions on a title for the series are VERY welcome. And be warned: if there aren't any suggestions, I'm just going to do some cheesy spin-off on "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court." You'll only have yourselves to blame.

Stay tuned for the first installment!