ESPN, enough with the Brett Favre love-fest already!!!

Brett Favre's TD pass in the last second to win the game against the 49ers last Sunday couldn't have come at a better time for ESPN. Now, the network gets to replay the bejesus out of that tippy-toe catch in all its promos for this Monday night's matchup between the Vikings and Packers.

OK, I admit it was a pretty amazing catch. And it's a nice visual to play up the "Favre versus his old team in a division rivalry" thing. But a part of me dies on the inside every time I have to see it. And since I can't seem to change the channel fast enough before I see this replay for the umpteenth time, now I'm just avoiding ESPN altogether.

So, with that said, I know I'm being overdramatic. But I bet some Niners fans out there must understand my pain. I think. Let me know what you think and vote here: