Manny Ramirez is no black sheep in L.A.

What's worse? A baseball player with a negative locker room attitude who's failed drug test landed him a 50-game suspension or the fan base that embraces him anyway?

Since we're talking about Los Angeles Dodgers fans here, I'm going to go with the latter (if you're confused, see my biofor the reason why I'll pick on the Dodgers at the drop of a hat). Back by popular demand, the Dodgers are adding another Manny Ramirez bobblehead giveaway for the first 50,000 fans in attendance on Sept. 16.

"The fourth bobblehead of the season will feature Manny Ramirez tipping his cap to the crowd after being summoned for two curtain calls on Wednesday, July 22, when he hit a dramatic, pinch-hit, tie-breaking grand slam on his own sold-out bobblehead night," the Dodgers release says.

OK, I really do understand capatalizing on moments and catering to your fan base (even Dodgers fans). But is it disheartening to anyone that players in sports today can have a bad attitude, disregard the rules, break laws (Plaxico Burress, Michael Vick, Leonard Little, etc.) yet for the most part they are welcomed back with open arms.

No wonder sports agents like Scott Boras do so well despite the fact they're generally disliked by their colleagues. If your client's a jerk, that's OK -- as long as he bats over .300, tops 100 RBI and hits at least 40 homers.