105.7 the Fan picking up speed

July 30, 2009

When 105.7-FM made the switch to full-time sports talk radio last November, some were skeptical that Baltimore could support five sports talk radio stations.

And us sports radio listeners are set in our ways — people-talking belongs on the AM dial; if I want music I switch over to FM.

But after the latest quarterly ratings, the folks at CBS Radio’s 105.7 couldn’t be happier. I imagine they’re resisting shouting “I told you so!” from the rooftops.

The station is now in 3rd place overall among its “bread and butter” demographic, men aged 25-54, going from a 3.9 to a 6.1 share since the winter. It has also placed 1st in that same demo in afternoons and 2nd with the 35-54 demographic with the Scott Garceau and Anita Marks show and 4th with the 25-54 demo in mornings with Ed Norris.

“We’re thrilled to say the least that it’s doing this well,” said Dave Labrozzi, the station’s vice president of programming. “For us to be where we are and as quickly as we are is amazing. All along we thought there was a big hole for this kind of opportunity.”

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