Brett Favre showing Vikings the money

You didn't really believe him when Brett Favre said this summer he was going to stay retired from football, did you? Mr. "I Don't Know When To Quit" actually quitting??? Puh-lease.

So now that Favre has done the inevitable and done exactly what he said he wouldn't do, the reaction from the Minnesota Vikings community to the unretirement drama has been anything but wishy-washy Favre jerseys -- get 'em while they're hot!(or, what I like to call, Favresque).

Do Vikings fans care that the anti-quitter toyed with their heart strings all summer? Heck no. In fact, the Vikings have sold a record amount of tickets since Favre signed with the team yesterday, with fans snatching up more than 3,000 season packages and 10,000 single-game seats.

And how are jersey sales, you ask? Through the roof. According to the team's chief marketing officer, several hundred preorders for the purple #4 Favre jerseys were placed online Tuesday. The NFL has reportedly sold out of Favre Vikings jerseys but they are still available online.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry. While the rest of the football world scoffs at Favre's antics and the Vikings look like the dumped girlfriend that desperately took her boyfriend back, the plain truth is he's still a draw wherever he plays and no matter what happened prior to signing on the dotted line. We in the media can sneer at how he's handled himself during the last two years and his image has certainly taken a major hit because of the drama.

But money talks louder than we do and in the end, that's what teams are looking at. You don't have to like someone's character to make money off of them. Look at the San Francisco Giants and Barry Bonds. That man was poison in the clubhouse and the team couldn't wait to boot him out the door. But that didn't stop them from profiting off of sellout nights during Bonds' chase for the home run title in 2007.

The prospects for the Vikings and the playoffs, a big financial boon to any team, at this stage is -- well less just say the prospects are Favresque. 

But signing Favre? That's money in the bank.