Maryland’s soccer coach getting some sponsorship love

University of Maryland men’s soccer coach Sasho Cirovski has signed a deal with Mondo, a sports flooring manufacturer, in a five-year sponsorship agreement.

Cirovski, who led Maryland to NCAA championships in 2005 and 2008, will endorse Mondoturf Ecofill Star, Mondo’s artificial turf, through speaking engagements, trade shows and meetings.

It’s not exactly Gatorade…but it’s nice to see Cirovski getting some recognition for his team’s success. So often, college sports that don’t end in “-ball” get overlooked by sponsors because they don’t draw nearly as many fans.

But this is a case where you have a niche sport, and Cirovski’s a known name. And you have a product that’s very specific. The same circles that know Cirovski are the people Mondo is trying to sell this product to. It’s not as glamorous as the big names like Gatorade, but then again, most Gatorade drinkers probably don’t know who Cirovski is.

So in that sense you have a good fit here that’s very targeted. The terms of the deal were not disclosed but I certainly hope they’re paying him enough money to sit through those trade shows.

Just one problem, I’m forseeing here: Ludwig Field, where Maryland plays its home games, has a Bermuda grass surface. Hmmmm….